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Herman J. Woltring
10-29-1990, 02:10 AM
> Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 08:35:56 -0600
> From: (deleted -- HJW)
> Subject: Newsletter
> Dear Dr. Woltring:
> The manager of the computer system I work on also subscribes to the
> newsletter that you take items from. With that bit of information,
> I'd rather not receive items from the newsletter through e-mail. You
> might relay information on how to subscribe to the service for those that
> are interested.
> While I am not interested, I will not object to your continuing practice
> of sending these postings if others on the list wish to keep it. Thank you
> for your efforts in making biomch-l an interesting list.
> Sincerely
> (name deleted -- HJW)

Dear Biomch-L readers,

The above note was privately received a few minutes ago; considering the effort
involved in extracting relevant items from MEDNEWS, I would appreciate some
feedback on the perceived utility of this work. For my part, doing the extrac-
tion service provides the motivation to read the MEDNEWS Newsletter rather
carefully! However, since it is a time-consuming business, a student of mine
in the USA has offered to take this task over once his/her PhD-thesis has been

With kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring.