View Full Version : Trunk movement during walking (fwd)

Christine Q. Wu
11-01-1994, 12:51 AM
I'm a Ph.D student in Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering,
U. of M. I'm interested in modeling the human motor control mechanisms
mathematically. In order to confirm the dynamic model I've developed to
simulate the trunk movement for different gait patterns, I need to measure
the human trunk movement during walking using TWO video cameras. >From my
previous measurements, I have some problems regarding the accuracy of the
data. First, when the range of motion is low, like human trunk, the
relative error is high. How can I be sure the data is adequate? Second
(related to the first question) when the accelerations are calculated,
the error will be enlarged (about 25 times). How can I get proper
accelerations? In my previous calculation, the accelerations are jerky at
3 hz. I have Cappozzo's papers and Stokes' papers. I would like to get
more information regarding my questions. Any comments and suggestions on
it? My primary interest from the measurement is to observe the different
features of the trunk (one-link model) movement for different pathological
gait patterns. Also, I would like to observe the motion of the thorax and the
pelvis separately (two-link model). Any suggestions on the locations of
the markers?
I would appreciate you help and I'll post the response.