View Full Version : Kinzel et al. related C code available!!

Serge Van Sint Jan
11-01-1994, 03:35 AM
To everybody interested in the C code translation of Kinzel's papers,

Neil Glossop from Toronto kindly accepted to make his code available
to anybody.

The C source can be copy from the FTP site of the University of

At the prompt of your system, type:

(What you need to type is between < >, the rest is the server answers)


Note that this directory contains only temporarily files.
It means that kinzel-code.c will be erased when it will become
the oldest file of the directory and that some room is needed.
I will try to check regularly and if necessary to reput a "fresh"

If no ftp service is available at your site, just contact me
and I will send you a copy of Neil's code.

Serge Van Sint Jan
Department for Mechanical Engineering (till 02/28/95 !!)
University of New Mexico