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Kathy Harvie
11-02-1994, 03:31 AM
Thanks so much for the replies. Boy - Do I regret not using the
internet sooner. The information is most useful - I appreciate your
time. Many people replied with suggestions of things to consider
in my study with regards to methods and results of previous

There is a file attached to this message named Footstuff. It is stored
in IBM DCA FFT. I am following the directions (at least I think I am)
that I received from Computing Services on how to convert and
consolidate my E-mail messages into one file, hence, into one message
to send back to the mailing list. The local test that I did here was
successful; I am hopeful that this too will be successful. If not
I apologize. Please let me know and I will try again. (The trials of
computer- illiterate! )


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