View Full Version : Biomch-L quota

Herman J. Woltring
10-31-1990, 03:02 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

I have just received a notification from LISTSERV@HEARN management that
currently 86% of the Biomch-L quota is in use. I intend, therefore, to
delete some of the older log files, e.g., those for 1988 and the first half
of 1989. May I suggest that all of you who wish to retrieve old log files
do so before that time? Note that 1988 and the first few months of 1989
are in annual log files; just send an INDEX BIOMCH-L to LISTSERV@HEARN to
find out more. Alternatively, if there is an interest to maintain these
old files, please let me know so that I can apply for disk quota increase.

Sincerely -- Herman J. Woltring.