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Edsko Hekman (twente University,the Netherlands)
11-07-1994, 10:25 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L users,

At the Institute for Biomedical Technology of the University
of Twente a vacancy exists for a post-doctoral position in

_Biomedical Engineering_

One of the Institute's research programs is aimed at the
development of a hybrid walking system to restore the mobility
of paraplegic patients. The hybrid system consists of
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in combination with a
tailor made orthosis.
The project in which the Post Doc will work is embedded within
this program. This project is based on a close collaboration
between the following organisations:
- The Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical
Engineering of the University of Twente.
- The Rehabilitation Centre 'Het Roessingh' in Enschede.
- The Morphological Laboratory of the Faculty of Human
Movement Sciences of the Free University in Amsterdam.
The major aims of the project are:
- Evaluation of selectivity of surface electrical
- Identification of joint angle - moment characteristics of
individual hip joint muscles by means of electrical
- Identification of direction of the moment of force of
selectively stimulated muscles as a function of joint
- Quantification of inter-individual variation of these
variables in a limited number of patients.
- Evaluate the necessity of adaption of stimulation
parameters due to effects of training.
- Relate the results to biomechanical models in use to
simulate FES-induced walking.
- Contribute with the results to the design process of the
hybrid system.
Candidates should have a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Human
Movement Sciences or related fields. They should be able to
work in a multidisciplinary team. The position is available
for a period of maximally two years under standard conditions.

For further information, please contact:
Dr.ir. Bart Koopman
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering
University of Twente
P.O.Box 217
7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands
phone +31-53 892465 (892514)
fax +31-53 356490
email h.f.j.m.koopman@wb.utwente.nl

(Message posted by Edsko Hekman, e.e.g.hekman@wb.utwente.nl)