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11-09-1994, 03:49 AM

i am currently working on a senior design project in which we are
developing a system for doing time-lapse photography on cells in
cultures. one system which we will use is a confocal microscope which
has a program driven system for taking scanned images. however, we
would like to output these images onto a vhs tape for presentation

in another system, we will be using an inverted or an upright microscope
to view cultures. in this system, we do not currently have a way to
record images. one way would be to activate a vcr with a computer
program or to input the images into a computer and record the image
utilizing a video capture board.

we have available to us a unix workstation which is equipted with a
Galeleo video board and a pc (as well as the confocal equipment).

what other kinds of systems are out there, and what are there pros and
cons? what kind of compression is used? what kind of storage space is
needed per image? do any of them take external triggers? also, could anybody direct us to any articles in the literature
that you might know of.

thank you for your time. a summary listing will be posted if we get
enough responses.

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