View Full Version : Follow up on providing email addresses in body of text.

11-09-1994, 08:53 AM
Just a quick follow up on my note of a couple of days ago. I got some good
replies from other people who have the same problem as I do (namely, that
their mail program strips off the header information from incoming notes and
only records that the note is from biomch-l). I think this problem may also
affect my ability to reply directly back to the original sender as intended
on biomch-l. For example, I replied to the question posed by Judith Lane a
few days ago on footedness, yet was not included in the summary posted
today. Perhaps my reply just got lost, as I do not recall seeing it appear
over the main list. I haven't solved the problem yet. If anyone else uses
Microsoft Mail within Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and has a suggestion as to
how to retain the full header information, please let me know.

Again I suggest that we all try to include our email addresses and
affiliations in a "footer" of the text we send. My previous note prompted
several people to reply about my mixed up footer. Sorry about that. I have
fixed that now, using spaces instead of tabs and keeping extra information
to a minimum. One person also requested that we include our country code
with any telephone numbers we list (given that this is an international
list). To my embarrassment, I did not know what my country code was. After
checking on it, I discovered that the USA uses a country code of "1". So
the "1" before my telephone numbers below represents the USA country code.

Sorry for the babble.


Richard N. Hinrichs, Ph.D.
Dept. of Exercise Science
Arizona State University USA
1-602-965-1624 (office)
1-602-955-8108 (fax)
Hinrichs@asu.edu (email)