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Nissan Moshe
11-10-1994, 05:06 PM
Hi there
I am still getting responses concerning my q about shoulder measurements.
I do intend to sum all responses soon, but my use of the e-mail gets very
random lately.
We have a IsoStation B-200 at my department. We got it in bad shape a
year ago and it is not working properly yet. There are some objective
reasons for it, not all the fault of the machine, but recently I start to
believe there are many pitfalls in it as well.
I would love to know if any of you got this system; How well is it
working; What are the major complaints; How was it dealt by the company; etc.
I am also keen to know what level of reliability you found and any other
Next time I am on e-mail will be probably next friday. I'll be grateful
for any response.
Many thanks, MOshe

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