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Pat Fanning
11-10-1994, 09:38 PM
Dear Netters,

A friend is using Fuji prescale pressure measuring film to measure to
pressure in bone joints. The film he is using is designed to measure
Super Low pressure, in the range of 5 to 25 kgf/cm2. The film changes
colour in accordance to the amount of pressure applied to it. I have
two questions about this product.

1) Does anyone know how to convert kgf/cm2 to Pascals?

2) Has anyone any experience in translating these or similar patterns
into pressure data? We have access to a colour scanner, so does
anyone know of any programs that can divide a colour image into
regions of similar colour?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. As usual I will provide
a summary of answers received.

Pat Fanning

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