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11-11-1994, 04:52 AM
fellow netters,

this is in response to those who have had headers stripped from their
incoming mail. at the bottom of my message, i have what is called a
signature file...which i can put in any information i want. these
"footers" are a very easy way of placing your signature on a message
because it is automatically placed there.

if you are interested, you might look into doing it for your specific
system. as for my system (a unix system), all i had to do was make a
file (which i called ".sig" and put it in my home directory). this file
simply contains my "footer" information. then, i had to go into my mail
directory and edit my electronic mail directory (".elmrc" in my case)
i changed my remote signature and my local signature to equal this file
(which i called ".sig").

i am sure it is not the same for all, but this is just an idea of how to
go about doing it.


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