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11-07-1990, 10:54 PM
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May 7-11, 1991 Banff, Alberta
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Challenges in Health Care Technology
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The 17th Conference of the Canadian and Medical and Biological Engineering
Society will be held at the Banff Park Lodge in Banff Alberta from May 7 to
11, 1991. Banff is located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains about 130 km west
of Calgary.

The theme of the Conference is related to the transfer of new technologies to
the health-care system and a Keynote Program has been organized to illustrate
some truly exciting examples of this process. Featured participants in the
Keynote Program will be:

* Allan Weinstein, PhD, of IatroMed Inc. USA, who will speak on the
Electrostimulation of Bone Healing.

* Ian Pykett, PhD, of Advanced NMR Systems USA, who will speak on
Ultrafast Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

* John Tulip, PhD, of the Alberta Laser Institute, who will speak on
Medical and Dental Lasers.

* Prof Victor Regnier, an Architect and Gerontologist from the
University of Southern California who will speak on 'Housing
the Aged: Design Directives and Policy Considerations' - emerging
health-care concerns where technology is bound to play an ever
more prominent role.

Special Technical Sessions are being planned which will focus on the problems
of the elderly with a particular view to new technological developments and
the transfer of these to the needy.

A Special Session on Medical Information Systems is also in the formative

Workshops and other round table discussions on aspects of Clinical Engineer-
ing, particularly PA/PM Management, will be on the Program as well.

The Program Committee is extremely pleased to announce that two very inten-
sive one-day symposia will also be held in conjunction with CMBEC-17:

by speakers from the USA, the UK and Ireland. Discussed will be such
topics as strain gauging, photo- elasticity, holography, thermography,
photoelastic coatings and soft-tissue measurements.

2. The SYMPOSIUM ON SPINE FRACTURE FIXATION with presentations both by
engineers and orthopaedic surgeons from Canada and the US. Discussed
will be such topics as the design of fixation devices, in vitro testing
of spine fracture instrumentation, the assessment of spine fracture
devices, the limits of experimental testing, models for the development
of spine fracture instrumentation and the experimental evaluation of
spine fracture instrumentation.

As a strong encouragement to take part in the Student Paper Competition,
accommodation at the Banff International Hostel has been arranged for
CMBEC-17 for only $15 per night.

The Social Program will include a barbecue, skiing, sightseeing, hiking,
horseback riding and, weather permitting, even golfing and canoeing.

Additional Information on Registration for the Conference and Symposia
and/or the Author's Kits can be obtained from the CMBES Secretariat in
Ottawa or from:

Zoltan J. Koles, PhD CMBES Secretariat,
Program Committee c/o National Research
Dept. of Applied Sciences in Medicine Council of Canada
10-102 Clinical Sciences Building Room 305, Bldg., M-50
University of Alberta Ottawa, Ontario
Edmonton, Canada T6G 2G3 Canada K1A 0R8
TEL (403) 492-6302 TEL (613) 993-1686
FAX (403) 492-7303 FAX (613) 954-2216

PAPER DEADLINE: January 31, 1991
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Bryan Finlay, PhD
Director Orthopaedic Research

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