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11-13-1994, 11:01 PM
Dear Biomch-Netter,

Let me introduce myself. I am the Editorial Secretary of SICOT.

SICOT - Societe Internationale de Chirurgie Orthopedique et de
Traumatologie - is an association of specialised surgeons devoted
to the advancement of the science and discipline of orthopaedics
and traumatology at an international level. Through its journal
INTERNATIONAL ORTHOPAEDICS, its triennial international congress,
and its support of international meetings throughout the world,
SICOT brings together leading scientists, clinicians and teachers
of orthopaedics and traumatology. Through its committees and
commissions, the Society supports the enhancement of research
effectiveness and the solution of problems encountered in the
development of orthopaedic knowledge and practice.

SICOT was founded in 1929 in Paris by renowned orthopaedic
surgeons of the time from 12 countries with these goals:

To advance the science and discipline of orthopaedics and
traumatology at an international level; to foster, develop,
support and encourage teaching, research and education; to
facilitate and encourage the interchange of professional
experience and to promote good fellowship among its members.

Today the Society's members are qualified orthopaedic surgeons,
traumatologists and specialists in related disciplines from more
than 70 countries.

SICOT numbers 2,500 active members and we are particularly eager
to encourage young orthopaedists and researchers, so please send information on
training opportunities, fellowships, meetings, orthopaedic
vacancies etc.

Six times a year we publish a list of forthcoming international
meetings and I plan to make this information and our Newsletter
available to Netters regularly.

You all know how difficult the economic situation is throughout
the world and the wide diffusion of the information you send us
could be of real value to our members. World Orthopaedic Concern
is affiliated to SICOT and would also be able to make use of the
information you send.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Marcel Rooze
SICOT Editorial Secretary
Email: roozem@ulb.ac.be

Phone: 32.2.555.63.76
Fax: 32.2.555.63.78