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Ge Wu, Ph.d.
11-14-1994, 02:46 AM
Dear all:

As you may remember, I sent out a message in September looking
for volunteers to help the ISB Standardization Committee propose
recommendations for Joint Coordinate Systems. On behalf of the ISB
(chairman), David Winter, Ian Stokes, and myself), I'd like to thank
those who have expressed interest in participating. Following is a list
of the joints that we already have and joints that we are looking
volunteers to work on:

Joints that we already have:
Knee, Shoulder, hand and wrist, spine, TMJ, and whole body.

Joints that need to be worked on:
Ankle and foot, hip, and elbow.

Once again, I'd like to call for volunteers to work on JCS
especially on those "need to be worked on" joints. Based on the
responses the
Committee will contact each individual to form subgroups for each joint.
I am
sure that your contribution to this matter is valuable to the field of
Biomechanics and will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your attention. Please respond to me at

Best wishes to all,

Ge Wu
Penn State University
E-mail: GXW9@psuvm.psu.edu
Phone: (814)865-1972