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John Martinson
11-15-1994, 04:14 AM
On Sat, 12 Nov 1994, William Spaulding wrote:

> I am desperately searching for a information describing the C.O.G. of a
> giant slalom skier relative to his/her lower extremity. I would love to
> track down a video illustrating C.O.G. path through gates of a race course.
> Help Me Obee Wan you're my only hope!
> Willy Spaulding, Physiology guide, Biomech. lost soul.
> SpauldingW@henson.cc.wwu.edu
In Chap. 4 of "Universal Ski Techniques" by George Twardokens (publ. by
Surprising Well -- Reno NV) there is a section entitled "Location and the
Path of the Skier's Center of Gravity" that may be helpful. Other sections
include: "Dynamic Balance", "Foot to Foot Pressure Distribution", "Pressure
Exerted Laterally", "Fore-Aft Pressure" and other topics. From a
biomechanical perspective this is probably the most scholarly book on
alpine skiing available, from an author who is a long time leader in the
Professional Ski Instructors Assn. and an emeritus professor of kinesiology
at the University of Nevada. Hope this proves helpful. John Martinson