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Julianne Abendroth-smith
11-15-1994, 04:20 AM
Hi biomch-L netters;

Thank you to all who have responded with interest about the
undergraduate labs for biomechanics. I am trying to answer you all
individually, but it will take a little time. One respondent pointed out
that the network is not to be used to advertise products, and I wanted to
respond to the group as a whole on that topic.
I apologize to anyone I may have offended, but felt I was
responding to a multiple request for information concerning the development
and availability of labs. I happen to be the author of those labs, but I am
also a professor who teaches biomechanics, and have felt the need for such
labs. I personally would like to know what other "small potato" professors
are developing to help in their teaching and research endeavors, so those
of us without much funding would have other sources to turn to.
How does the network feel about this? If it is too close to
advertising, again I apologize for the space I have taken up.

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