View Full Version : Re: remote backup software advertisement

Ton Van Den Bogert
11-15-1994, 04:20 AM
Dear subscribers,

Once again, Biomch-L has been abused for advertising. There is
no doubt in my mind that this is not appreciated by the Biomch-L
subscribers, so I have sent them (again) a strong message about

If you feel so inclined, do not hesitate to do the same. Do not
forget to include a full copy of their advertisement in your
reply. If their disk space is full, it's their own fault, right?
I have also notified postmaster@delphi.com about this violation
of network etiquette.

Regarding the 'looking for Patria' message, I should say that
this is certainly not an appropriate use of Biomch-L. It was not
even very funny.

-- The Biomch-L moderators:
Ton van den Bogert
Christoph Reinschmidt
Krystyna Gielo-Perczak