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Jan-paul Van Wingerden
11-15-1994, 10:24 PM
Dear Biomch-l readers,

Can anyone help me out on the subject of coordination?
What is the practical interpretation of coordination?
I already studied some dictionaries, but I think that in general some
different definitions are being used.
The dictionary says:

coordinate=bring (parts) into proper relation

In this respect I think the scapulo-thoracal rhythm (motion) can be
referred to as the scapulo-thoracal coordination: the way different
parts of the body move with respect to each other during motion.
However many people consider coordination as something that has to do
with neurons, the way our brain "coordinates" our body.

When we speak about disturbed coordination this can mean two
different things: the bodyparts don't move in correct "coordination"
without knowing the cause, OR the neural steering is disrupted.

By the way, if we look at the definition of coordination, then
"disturbed coordination" is contradictory, since coordination is
always "good"

You see the definition causes trouble!
Can anyone provide the correct definition, or is discussion possible?

With kind regards,
Jan-Paul van Wingerden
Dept. of Anatomy
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, The Netherlands