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Yuji Ohgi
11-17-1994, 03:54 PM
Do you know new type of accelerometer, which can measure acceleration up to
50G. In this device, sensor and buffer amplifier is included. So this is
one tip accelerometer with amplifier.

Device: ADXL50
Coorp.:Analog Devices
1:Monocilic Acceleration Measureing System IC
2: +-50G
3:Self-Test by Digital Command
4:+5V one power source
5:Sensitivity 19mV/G
6:Buffer Amplifier included which can adjust sensitivity and 0G level
7:Frequency Responce DC->1KHz
8:High Impact Endurance up to 2000G
9:High temprature stability rather than pressure to electlicity device.

I do not accurate price of this device but maybe 6000yen - 8000yen .

See you.

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