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unknown user
11-09-1990, 03:09 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

This is a question from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of
Biomedical Science and Technology.

The question concerns a noun frequently used in the Dutch language, but for
which I have not been able to find a satisfactory English (and/or American)

The Dutch word is "Belastbaarheid". It can be defined as: "the load an
individual is able to endure (without irreversible damage)". It is used in
the following diagram:

load ???
/ \

The diagram shows a balance. On one side there is the "load": this is, for
example, the amount of work an individual has to do. On the other side the
amount of work an individual CAN do. In order to avoid damage there has to be
a balance between these two sides. In this example only the amount of work is
taken to simplify things. But "load" contains a lot of aspects. And so does
"belastbaarheid" (the other side). Therefore, translations like:

Maximal permissible limit (NIOSH)
Mechanical work capacity

are NOT satisfactory! I'm thinking of something like:

Load capacity

but I'm not sure about their impact (maybe the've already got another meaning).
So if there's anyone with a good translation it would be very welcome!

I'm getting tired of all these descriptions!!

Greetings from Rotterdam,

J.P. van Wingerden