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Wolfgang Krach
11-18-1994, 12:16 AM
Hi everybody

Is there anybody here on the net, who has some information
on the triaxial material properties of bone ?
Our problem is that we have enough information on
uniaxial and also biaxial testing on cancellous and
compact bone specimens, but we would need data about
the triaxial compression behaviour especially of
cancellous bone.

Does anybody know some literature about this properties
or is somebody recently working on this field ???

We have already looked through the past 10 years (1984-1994)
of the following journals:
Journal of Biomechanics
Journal of biomechanical Engineering
Journal of biomedical Engineering

Maybe we read over the important article !!!

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I will post a summary of responses, if there arrive some !

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