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Ernie Wu
11-18-1994, 02:24 AM
>To:Mitchell Gil Maltenfort
>From:Ernest_Wu@brown.edu (Ernie Wu)
>Subject:Screening out advertisements.
>>>What about denying access to the list for companies violating the
>>>netiquette? this could probably be done by looking at the senders
>>>e-mail address or at the hostname and redirecting the postings
>>>originating from violators to /dev/null!
>>Not a bad idea, but the problem is that we don't seem to get repeat
>>offenders. What seems to happen is every now and again someone with more
>>ambition that brains thinks that it's a good idea to use a mailing list to
>>send junk solicitations, and he is quickly disabused of that notion by
>>grouchy email replies and/or complaints to his system administrator.
>>Anybody got an idea on how we can screen these varmints out?
>>Mitchell Maltenfort Northwestern University mgm@nwu.edu
>It seems to me that in most cases, this type of mailing is characterized
>by an extremely long list of recipients. Perhaps a maximum number of
>recipients (or characters in the recipient field) can be used as a
>flag to redirect indiscriminant mass mailings to /dev/null. The filter
>could be set high enough to permit those infrequent messages directed
>to a handful of related lists.