View Full Version : About the publication of APAS responses (again)

Xuguang Wang
11-20-1994, 11:51 PM
Hi, Everyone on Biomch-l:

Three weeks ago, when I posted my query about the opinions of APAS users, I
didn't think many people are very interested in getting a summary of replies.
Until now, I've received about 23 replies. I think most of these are based on
the APAS users'own experiences. But it is possible that the competitors of APAS
also replied us (or why not the people of the APAS). As we have never used
the system, we can not give a judgement. As the BIOMCH-L is essentially a
scientific discussion forum, I think it is better not to publish these replies
because of its possible commercial nature. Consequently, I will not publish
the resume of the replies I received. Perhaps it is worth discussing
the following question: Is it appropriate to publish any proposals in BIOMCH-L
which could have a commercial effect on a product?

Thank all of you who replied. I ask those who desire a summary of these replies
to excuse me.

Xuguang WANG