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unknown user
11-23-1994, 03:07 AM
I kindly suggest subscribers either to write short subject
headings for their e-mail messages, or to begin the subject heading
with the most meaningful words, followed by other minor descriptions
or explanations regarding the message contents.

The reason is that subject headings are often truncated by the
e-mail programs, when they are presented to the reader in the
summary of received messages. Just one example: my e-mail program
displayed the following truncated subject heading for a recent message:

Subject: "SUMMARY OF RESPONSES REGARDING " (31 characters long)

I suggest subject headings of the following kind, containing the
keywords right at the beginning:


I used several different computers based on Unix operating
systems, and the subject heading was always shortened in the summary
of received messages presented by the respective e-mail programs. Thus,
I guess this problem is not only mine, and regards many others.

Together to what Dr. Hinrichs asked recently, regarding the need
of repeating the e-mail address and other personal data at the end of
your messages, I hope you don't mind to follow my suggestion, which
helps readers to quickly select interesting messages among the increasingly
high number of contributions sent to BIOMCH-L every day. If our moderators
agree, similar suggestions could be included in the guide automatically
sent to each new subscriber. (By the way, thanks to the moderators for
their hard service).

I have no idea if there's a standard about the max number
of characters displayed in the headings of the list of messages
by the various e-mail programs, but the program I use seems to limit it to
31 characters.

Thanks to you all,

with regards,
Paolo de Leva
Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica
Biomechanics Lab
Via di Villa Pepoli, 4
00153 ROME

Tel: 39-6-575.40.81
FAX: 39-6-575.40.81 (or 39-6-361.30.65)

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