View Full Version : Re: Noraxon EMG Systems

Jon Fewster
11-23-1994, 10:16 AM
While I have not used it personally, our lab has a Noraxon for EMG and
data collection. It has proved to be **Extremely** troublesome. It has
involved our determining the calibration - there was a gain factor which
was not known, our sending several parts back to Finland many times and
lots of figuring out what was in the black box. I know that one of my
colleagues went to the company's booth at more than one conference and
said that he would stand at their booth and tell everyone to not buy
their system until they came to our lab to determine what was wrong with
it. They came - but they couldn't solve it. This happened more than
once. We have collected some good data with it, but more often than not
it will be fine one day, then without touching anything it the receiver
will be overloaded or signals will be junk the following day. If I
understand correctly, the company in the U.S. knows nothing (or next to
nothing) about the hardware in the system. I would approach the purchase
with extreme caution. Good luck.

Jon Fewster
Biomechanics Lab
Oregon State University