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David Pickles
11-24-1994, 03:17 AM
Our Department is currently re-evaluating and updating local safety
procedures for the handling of unfixed human tissue (normally cadaveric)
used in biomechanical experiments. Clearly such tests are somewhat
different to other areas of work using human tissue in that they are
usually highly invasive, and often involve the application of high loads
to large specimens, frequently to failure. A different set of rules is
needed than is required, say, for handling human cells in a test-tube.

It would be very useful to hear what procedures other labs are currently
adopting - is there a common consensus of safety rules? What about
screening of cadaveric material for HIV, Hep B/C etc - is this a
requirement? How about the problem of using expensive equipment (eg
materials testing machines) which also need to be used by other workers
but not involving human tissue? What procedures for sterilization/
disinfection of non-disposable equipment are used?

As usual I'll summarize any responses to the list - if requested I'll
leave names off if they would prefer not to be identified.

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