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Herman Van Den Bergen
11-24-1994, 10:51 AM
The following listserve based Internet group may be of interest to
some of the BIOMCH-L subscribers:

IBEGROUP: Internet based Biomedical Engineering Group

The IBEGROUP is a non-profit Internet based distributed product
development group. The current project involves the development of
a high performance 32/128 channel biomedical data acquisition system
for research and clinical use. The group's objectives are:

(1) Make a contribution to the science of biomedical instrumentation
(2) Provide biomedical engineers with an opportunity to develop
interdisciplinary contacts worldwide,
(3) Introduce participants to the art of product development, from
conception to manufacturing.

Funding will be sought through grants, sponsors, and support from
users and manufacturers of biomedical equipment. The group seeks
expertise in such areas as: low voltage, low power, ultra low noise,
fiber-optics, telemetry, analog and digital IC design, power/signal
isolation, DSP, computer interfacing, and manufacturing.

Scientists, engineers, technologists and educators with relevant
experience, as well as users and manufacturers of biomedical
equipment, are invited to participate in this project. Please email
the Project Coordinator (list owner) for more information.

This is a private list and subscription is owner controlled.

Owner: Herman van den Bergen

Herman van den Bergen - School of Psychology Technical Supp. Service
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1N 6N5
Tel:613 564-9160 - Fax:613 564-9903 - VDBERGEN@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA