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Pat Patterson
11-15-1990, 12:34 AM
Dear colleagues,

A conference, the 9th International Symposium on Biomechanics in Sports,
will be held June 29-July 3, 1991, in Ames, Iowa, USA. Topics from passed
conferences have included sports injuries, sports techniques, sports for
the disabled, sports for children, and theoretical biomechanics. Papers
are solicited in these and other relevant areas within the broad category
of sport biomechanics. Abstracts should be sent to P.E. Patterson by Feb.
15, 1991, at one of the addresses below (BITNET responses are encouraged).
Registration is $150 (US). Inquiries about product exhibits are welcomed.
Requests for additional information should also be directed to me.

My addresses:


Mailing: P.E. Patterson
Biomedical Engineering
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011

Fax : (515) 294-3524

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact me if further
information is needed.


P.E. "Pat" Patterson