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Marco Viceconti
11-28-1994, 11:51 PM
Recently, Xuguang WANG wrote:

>As the BIOMCH-L is essentially a scientific discussion forum, I think it is
>>better not to publish these replies because of its possible commercial
>nature. >Consequently, I will not publish the resume of the replies I
>received. Perhaps >it is worth discussing the following question: Is it
>appropriate to publish any >proposals in BIOMCH-L which could have a
>commercial effect on a product?

I disagree; choosing equipment is a relevant part of our job (at least for
many of us). If BIOMCH-L would not let circulate info on equipments, it
would loose 50% of its usefullness (well, maybe 50% is too much ....). I
don't understand the problem. Is it the risk to post in the summary some
unfair or uncorrect comments on a give system? Well, put on top of every
comment name and e-mail address of who did it and you'll be OK (thus, I
would not re-post unnamed comments).

Marco Viceconti


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