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Timothy L. Foutz
11-30-1994, 02:51 AM
To: Biomech-L and Bigdipper colleagues
From: Tim Foutz
University of Georgia
Date: 11-30-94
RE: Call for papers

After my last announcement for the following meeting, I received various
abstracts from around the country. Below is a list of 4 topics that will be
presented at this meeting. If you are interested in participating, please
consider the following "call for papers" form.

Sample of papers already received

1.Numerical studies of the biomechanics of structural brain diseases using
consolidation theory

2. Modeling particle deposition in the avian respiratory system

3. Performance rating table for respirator mask design

4. Using regional case studies to verify the GRAZE model.

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Call for Papers

Modeling Life Processes and Health

1995 International Meeting of ASAE
June 18-23
Chicago, Illinois

Papers are solicited which describe mathematical
models, animal models or computer simulations that
are used to study biological function and health

ASAE, The Society For Engineering in Biological, Food and
Agricultural Systems, invites your to share your expertise at
1995 Annual Scientific meeting. As in past years, the
Environmental Physiology Technical Committee will sponsor a
session, Modeling Life Processes, with particular emphasis
placed on human and animal health. Non-members are always welcome to make
presentations at ASAE meetings.

Please submit the attached form to
Timothy L. Foutz, Ph.D.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Driftmier Engineering Center
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
Phone: 706-542-0868 FAX: 706-542-8806
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ASAE Presentation Proposal Form
1995 International Meeting
June 18-23 1994 Chicago, Illinois



Mailing Address:

Phone: FAX:




Key Words (5)

How will your work be applied to benefit humankind?

Has this material been presented elsewhere? __yes __no
If yes, when?

Is this a progress report ___yes ___no

Will your presentation include recommendations for revisions of
any ASAE Standard or for the development of new standards?
___yes ___no

Name of the technical session for which this proposal
is intended: SE-301 Modeling Life Processes and Health

Preferred Format
__One-On-One Exhibit __Oral Presentation __I will not accept
Session (display) Session an alternative format
for my presentation

Printed Paper Availability (if no box is checked we assume your
presentation will include a written

___A paper will be available for distribution
___A paper will not be available for distribution