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Ton Van Den Bogert
11-30-1994, 04:43 AM
Dear subscribers,

To post or not to post, that is the question. I have been in
contact with Nicolas Brunel and Xuguang Wang about the responses
they received about the APAS system. They are concerned that
some of these responses may originate from people having an
interest in negative publicity about APAS.

It is very hard to judge why people would ask to remain
anonymous. Their reasons could be genuine, but there is also the
possibility that they don't want to assume full responsibility
for their criticism. As a general rule, I therefore suggest that
anonymous replies should not be posted to Biomch-L.

I also feel quite strongly that information about equipment,
especially positive or negative experiences from users, is an
essential part of Biomch-L. Biomch-L would become very
uninteresting if we lost the opportunity to exchange this type of
information. I thank Marco Viceconti and Michael Lee for
supporting this view.

Here are some of the comments received by Brunel and Wang:

>"I would appreciate if you wouldn't publish my name on this matter, as
>I do not want a stream of hate mail from Gideon Ariel on this."

>"If the responses are to be published to the list, please do not include my
>response. If the responses are to be posted individually, I am happy
>to have my name associated with them. If Gideon Ariel (whom is a
>notoriously unpleasant person, and monitors this list) requests my
>response, I would not like it sent to him. I suggest that the full
>list be made available to those that ask, anonymous or not, and this
>be made clear in the posting to biomech-l.
>I do not see a problem with sending out responses individually to those
>who ask, either anonymously or not. This falls completely outside the
>jurisdiction of of the list, much as personal communications over the email
>occasionally result from postings to the internet."

>"I agree that you will post the message as I wrote it , although for the rather
>sensitive relation with Gideon Ariel (and his associates), I do not agree that
>my name or my e-mail address will somehow be implied or mentioned explicitly in
>the future.
> ...
>I sent you my
>professional experience with the APAS system without biases (although I should
>have them). This is just to help you make the best decision to get a system,
>and implicitly to make good research and science, which I hope is everybodys'

>"Already I had 3 calls telling me that some of APAS competition seting the
>stage for negative reply."

You can see that this is a sensitive matter which requires
special care. Brunel and Wang suggested to distribute the
summary on request only (not to Biomch-L), including anonymous
replies (of course B&W know the identity of the sender) and a
reply to these messages from Dr. Ariel. Everything in one big
file. The availability of this information will be announced on
Biomch-L. I think that this solution should be acceptable to
everyone. This also means that Ariel should agree not to send
any reaction to Biomch-L, because the material never appeared on
Biomch-L in the first place.

Note that this means that the reply from respondent number 2
can't be included because he/she does not give Dr. Ariel the
opportunity to react.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator