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Herman J. Woltring
12-08-1988, 02:43 AM
Dear colleagues,

In reply to Mikko Lammi at FINKUO (University of Kuopio, Finland),

Date: Wed, 7 Dec 88 11:20:00 N
>Sender: Biomechanics listserver
>I wonder, whether there exists a nameserver in this list, so that subscribers
>can search for other people subscribed to it.
>Mikko Lammi

I should like to point out that when announcing and creating BIOMCH-L, I decided
to protect the subscribers' identities; only if one posts to the list, the sen-
der's identity is revealed. After all, it is unusual for an academic journal to
publish it's subscriber database, but any author must reveal his identity and
address; I see no reason why this should be different for an email discussion
list and/or newsletter.

If a majority on the list (once it has more than the currently limited number of
only 32 known subscribers?) prefers to make this information public, I would be
happy to modify the list's profile accordingly. Until now, I have confined my-
self to mentioning the subscribers' countries, and the REVIEW BIOMCH-L command
to LISTSERV@HEARN will not provide individual names and email addresses.

I'll appreciate any comments on this issue, either posted on BIOMCH-L (if you
think that your views warrant general dissemination) or by direct email to me.

One point of interest for all of us might be that each subscriber post a sum-
mary description of his (or his laboratory's) activities; this might result
in new ideas and discussions. At present, most of us are "posting into the

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring (BIOMCH-L list editor)
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands