View Full Version : Internet addressing problems

Herman J. Woltring
11-24-1990, 09:03 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Following my try-out posting of 2 November on the Internet address for
Biomch-L, various discussions have been taking place on email address
translation between BITNET and RFC-822 ("domain") addressing. There
are problems with automatic conversion from lower case to upper case
user_id's and/or site_id's which might compromise those requests sent
to LISTSERV @ { HEARN.BITNET | NIC.SURFNET.NL } that require list mem-
bership. If the address of your email (or, for BITNET users, inter-
active message) to the LISTSERVer does not match the address under which
you are known for Biomch-L, you should receive a message to that effect.

Please let me know of any problems, and send me the header of the error
message so that I can see under what exact address spelling you were
interpreted by the LISTSERVer.

With kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring.