View Full Version : Response to info about Ariel equipment

unknown user
12-05-1994, 11:29 AM
I was contacted by someone who was interested in purchasing the Ariel system
wanted user input via Biomch-L. I currently am not a subscriber to Biomch-L,
but I am happy to provide some input.

I currently have the Ariel system in my lab. Because I don't conduct formal
research in biomechanics, I have limited experience with the APAS system other
than to collect research data on a force platform for estimation of vertical
jump height. I have used the exercise machine extensively (bench press and
squat), and have published several papers on muscular strength and performance,
including data on reliability (my field of interest is exercise physiology).
Over the last 6 years, my experience with service and technical support has
been excellent, and I would be happy to provide details about my experience
the Ariel system to anyone with specific inquires.


Frank Katch
Exercise Science Department
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, Ma.