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Dr. Erich Brenner
12-05-1994, 07:12 PM
3rd European Congress of Clinical Anatomy
Innsbruck, September 6th - 9th, 1995

Institue of Anatomy

We proudly announce the 3rd European Congress of Clinical Anatomy
to be held at Innsbruck, Austria.
This Congress is the 3rd official meeting of the European
Assiciation fo Clinical Anatomy (EACA).

The European Association of Clinical Anatomy was founded in Paris
in 1989 for the purpose of encouraging all branches of anatomy
which have direct bearing on particular diagnostic or therapeutic
The coming together of experts from various theoretical and clinical
disciplines should make the latest morphological techniques available
to those endeavouring to solve current clinical problems.

It is the aim of the European Association of Clinical Anatomy to
national and international meetings which offer a forum for
from the most varied fields, and to make the critical exchange of
ideas possible. The very nature of this research is so
that it seems essential to concentrate the intellectual forces of all
those who have such aims in common.

It is particularly emphasised that contributions from the
of all branches of morphology, as well as from clinicians interested
morphological problems, are extremely welcome.

The aim of this convention is to unite scientists working in all
of clinical related morphology by making professional and personal


congress fees: ATS 700,-- (DEM 100,--)

Deadline: April 30th, 1995
Contributions will be accepted both for oral and
poster-presentation. Applicants will have to indicate the
preferred form of their presentation. The program committee
will decide whether to accept or reject a contribution or change
the form of presentation. Applicants will be informed of this
decision within four weeks after the deadline.
For oral presentations contributors may use 35 mm slides in
single- or double projection and video-tapes (HI8, Betacam,
UMatic, VHS).
Maximum poster-format is 100 x 200 cm portrait. A short oral
presentation (aprox. 3 min) of the posters is within the scedule.
Instructions: Abstracts submitted both for oral and poster-
have to written in English and should be typed or printed
single-spaced, preferably black on white paper in a field 10 cm
(width) and 13 cm (height). Preferred typeface is Times with a
size of 10 points.
The first line has to include the short and descriptive title
of the presentation in bold typeface.
The second line has to include all authors with the capitalized
initials (no periods) first, followed by the family name
(only 1st letter capitalized). Place presenter=C6s name first.
The author in charge of correspondence has to be indicated by a
following asterix(*).
The third line of the submission has to include the address of
the author in charge of correspondence. This need not to be the
presenting author, anyway. Only one address permitted!
The abstract has to be separated from the title by a single line
and must not include more than 200 words. Use normal typeface.
No illustrations will be accepted.
Abstracts might also be submitted on DOS-formatted diskettes
using one of the following text-formats: Plain-ASCII,
Rich Text Format, Word for DOS, Windows or Macintosh (up to 6.0),
Word Perfect for DOS or Windows (up to 5.1), MS Write, MS Works.

Furthermore, abstracts in one of the above mentioned formats
might be submitted by E-Mail as attached files to the following
Internet-Mailaddress: Erich.Brenner@uibk.ac.at
(Please include >ECCA-abstract< in the subject-line of your

Program Commitee:
G. BARTSCH (Innsbruck), G. ORLANDINI (Firenze), W. PLATZER
R. PUTZ (M^nnchen), J.P. CHEVREL (Paris), M. PAVELKA (Innsbruck),
S. POISEL (Innsbruck)

To obtaion abstract- and registration-forms please reply to:

A) Surface Mail:
Institut fuer Anatomie
Muellerstrasse 59
A-6010 Innsbruck
Phone: *43-512-507-3051
Fax: *43-512-507-2862

B) Email (Internet):

C) we have also installed a List:

to subscribe, send mail to:
with the folowing in the body of the message:
subscribe ECCA-L

Your mail will be delivered to all members of the list.

If you find problems in sending to this list, please contact:

Further Information is available through WWW:

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3rd European Congress of Clinical Anatomy

Institut fuer Anatomie
Muellerstrasse 59
A-6010 Innsbruck

_ Mr _ Mrs _Miss

Family Name:___________________________________________
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Title: ___________________________________________
Department: ___________________________________________
Institution:______________________________________ _____
Address for Correspondence:
City: ___________________________________________
Postal Code:___________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________________
Fax: ___________________________________________
E-Mail: ___________________________________________

_ Please send me an application and abstract form

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Provisional title:

| Ass.Arzt Dr.med.univ. Erich Brenner |
| Institute of Anatomy |
| University of Innsbruck |
| Muellerstr. 9 |
| A-5010 Innsbruck |
| Phone: *43/512-507-3056 |
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