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Robert W. Wainwright
12-10-1994, 04:30 AM
I am a user of Ariel's APAS system for over 14 years. My company utilizes 5
systems for biomechanical analysis of human motion in, with force plates, EMG,
infrared switches,etc. for medical diagnosis, sports efficiency, industrial work
related topics, medical legal questions, etc. I have found the system to be
remarkably versatile, accurate, and efficient.

I have solved many of the time consuming problems of data reduction and analysis
by teaching non-professional personnel the skill of digitizing. Analysis is
facilitated by sending the raw data, via wk1 files, to Excel. Here I create
macro's for every repeatible function. Time from completion of data collection
to final report is approximately 1.75 hours for a typical 120 frame 3D gait

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