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Klaus Kuspert
12-13-1994, 10:34 PM
Dear netters,

here is a summary of the responses I got to my search for kinematic
data. Thanks to all who responded to my request. My original question

>Dear netters!
>I want to do some gait analysis to calculate the forces in the knee.
>At the moment I work with the kinematic data of Braune and Fischer
>(1896). It seems to me that there must be newer (published) data
>More precisely I am interested in:
>- 3-D-coordinates of the joint centers of all body segments for a
>walking subject preferable together with
>-the related ground reaction forces and moments
>-the estimated 3-D-coordinates of the center of mass of the segments
>(or some sort of coefficient to calculate from the jointcenters)
>-data concerning the properties of inertia of the segments
>-data concerning the mass of the segments
>Thank you in advance for your help. If there is a public interest I
>will post a summery of the responses

GAITLAB from Dwight Meglan:
You will find 3D motion and load data for the knee during walking
(also inertia parameters) buried inside the sample data I have
included with the PUBLIC DOMAIN gait package I wrote a while back.
You can grab the program, source code, and sample data from

magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu under the directory /pub/gaitlab.
There are text files there that explain most things.

JP Paul 1967, University of Glasgow, Scotland, dissertation for a
reductionist method.

I recently bought C.L. (Kit) Vaughan's book and software package
"Gait Analysis Laboratory" (Human Kinetics Publishers). It
included a disk with 3-D kinematic and force plate data (and
EMG). There is also software for analysis on the disk, and the
methodology is completely described in the accompanying book.

The publishers are Human Kinetics and they can be contacted in Europe

Human Kinetics
P.O. Box IW14
Leeds, LS16 6TR
United Kingdom

tel: 0532 781708
fax: 0532 781709

Farkas, R.: Der Test des Tests - Komplexe Analysen biomechanischer
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Chandler et al. (1975). Investigation of inertial properties
of the human body. Technical Report No. AMRL-TR-74-137. Wright
Air Force Base, Ohio, 45433.

It can be requested to:

U.S. Department of COmmerce
Springfield, VA. 22151.

McConville, J.T., Churchill T.D., Kaleps I., Clauser C.E., Cuzzi J.:
Anthropometric relationships of body and body segment moments of
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A.) pp. 186- 202. Bertec Corp. Worthington, OH

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Kuspert
University of Darmstadt
Institut of Mechanics I
Hochschulstrasse 1
D-64289 Darmstadt