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Herman J. Woltring
12-04-1990, 10:13 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Further to last month's joint centre postings, Frank Buczek (one of our
subscribers) kindly sent me the following paper which was received today:

H.J. Sommer (Penn State) & F.L. Buczek (NIH, Bethesda)
Experimental Determination of the Instant Screw Axis and
Angular Acceleration Axis, pp. 141-142, Proc. of the 16th
Annual IEEE Northeast Bioengineering Conference, March 26-27,
1990, Penn State University (Ed.: R.P. Gaumond).

in which the following reference is quoted: H.J. Sommer, Determination of
First and Second Order Instant Screw Parameters from Landmark Trajectories,
submitted to ASME J. Mechanical Design (1990). Among others, reference is
made to a rigid body's `pivot' point that has instantaneous zero accelera-
tion. It might be useful to note that this point is generally not identical
to the central point as discussed in the previous postings, i.e., the point
with minimal acceleration on the Instantaneous Helical (or Screw) Axis.

The paper describes the analytics of assessing angular velocity and acelera-
tion from noisy landmark data, and provides experimental results based on
data measured with a 3-D optoelectronic measurement system.

Herman J. Woltring.

P.S. Frank Buczek's address may be obtained via the REVIEW BIOMCH-L request
to LISTSERV @ { HEARN.BITNET | NIC.SURFNET.NL } -- pick either address.