View Full Version : Displacement transducers:request of help

12-18-1994, 09:37 PM
Dear netters,

I am looking for some displacement transducers to track plane motion with
the following requirements:
- range: 1 mmm;
- accuracy: better than 1 micron;
- able to measure motion along two directions in a plane (i.e. Eddie
current and similar proximity transducers do not work).

At the moment I could think only of using 2 extensometers or 2 LVDT to
track the two displacement component.

I would be interested either in some "mechanical" transducer or any
non-contact transducer. Does anyone know of commercially available solution
for this application?
Any suggestion will be welcome. As usual, I'll post a list of the replies.

Thanks you in advance and season greetings to everyone.

Luca Cristofolini

Laboratorio di Tecnologia dei Materiali tel. 39-(0)51-6366864
Centro di Ricerca Codivilla-Putti fax. 39-(0)51-6366863
Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli E-mail:lk1boq72@icineca.cineca.it