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Shawn Mcguan
12-20-1994, 03:40 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L'ers,

I understand that the following message does not conform to the usual
information request subscribers are used to, however, this request
is very dear to me and I believe that the Biomch-L community could give
me a unique point of view and useful feedback.

I am an athletically active 35 year old male, that has
just been informed that I have a total rupture of an ACL. Having much
experience in virtual knee simulation for the purposes of total knee
replacement design, I understand the instability pattern from a academic
and now (ouch!) personal point of view.

The usual orthopaedic surgical procedure is to transplant a piece of the
patellar tendon, to reconstruct the ACL. My concern is, that the mechanical
qualities (lateral stiffness variation, attachment geometry, fanning, etc.)
of the ACL will not be matched exactly by both the patellar tendon
itself and new interface. I am worried about the effects of this disparity
on stability, maniscus stress, ligament/bone interface stresses, etc. :(

My questions to the community is: Has anyone had this procedure done to them
and what were/are the results (are you happy you had it done?), Does anyone
know the durability of the new mechanism (will I need maintenance?), What is
your biomechanical opinion of this procedure.

Thank you for you attention.


Shawn McGuan

Biomechanics Research Scientist
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