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Mike Whittle
12-07-1990, 04:38 AM
In reply to Rosa Angulo's request for information about the density of body
components, I have extracted the following from my 1978 PhD thesis - if there
are any more up to date references, I regret I do not know them!

Behnke AR, Feen BG, Welham WC. Journal of the American Medical Association,
118:495-498, 1942
Adipose tissue 0.94; Rest of body 1.082 (temperature not stated)

Rathbun EN, Pace N. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 158:667-676, 1945
Extracted human fat 0.918; Rest of body 1.10 (temperature not stated)

Keys A, Brozek J. Physiological reviews, 33:245-325, 1953
Extracted human fat 0.9007; Adipose tissue 0.948; Rest of body 1.09
(at 36 degrees C)

Siri WE. Advances in Biological and Medical Physics. Academic Press, New
York, 4:239-280, 1956
Extracted human fat 0.9007; Water 0.9933; Nonfat solids 1.60 (at 37 degrees)

Allen TH, Welch BE, Trujillo TT, Roberts JE. Journal of Applied Physiology,
14:1009-1012, 1959
Extracted human fat 0.901; Fat-free soft tissue 1.061 (temp. not known)

Since my notes are probably incomplete, I suggest you look up the original
papers for the best information!

Mike Whittle
Professor of Rehabilitation Technology
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga