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Michael P. Poling
12-30-1994, 05:16 PM
Hello and the best of the season to you all!
I thought this would be an appropriate time to introduce myself and
request some information from the members of this list.
I am a graduate student in Biomechanics and Sports Medicine at Lakehead
University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. My research interests lie in
the anterior cruciate ligament and neuromuscular adaptations in the
hamstrings in anterior cruciate deficient patients (total or near total
ACL rupture). Specifically, using EMG, we are analyzing the period of
latency between initial hamstring stabilization and heel strike.
Any information or references regarding this would be very much
In addition to my graduate studies, I am also employed by the Canadian
Back Institute as an exercise therapist, function as an Athletic Therapist at
Lakehead University, and will be a Certified Doping Control Officer for the
1995 World Nordic Games.
Well, that's me. Have a safe and happy new year!