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Gillian April Hudson Ducasse
01-02-1995, 09:13 PM
Happy New Year to all Biomch-lers!

On Nov. 24, I posted a request as follows:
>A group of us in Grad. studies are seeking information on
>transducers - one group specifically on the use of piezoelectric
>force plates in gait kinetics, the other on the use of Hall effect
>transducers with no specific/special area of use in mind. Any
>information on manufacturers and distributors (in or out of
>Canada) would also be very useful.

The summary now follows:

Hall effect

Edsko Hekman
28 Nov.

Article reference -
Kolen, P.T. et al (1993). Absolute Angle Measurement Using
the Earth-Field-Referenced Hall Effect Sensors. Journal of
Biomechanics; 24(3):265-270.

Manufacturer of Hall generators -
F.W. Bell Company (no address given).

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> I found an address for Orlando, FL. (USA) if anyone is

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Piezoelectric Force Plates

Richard Evans
25 Nov.

The address of
75 John Glenn Drive
Amherst, New York 14228-2171
Phone #: 716-691-5100

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Joe Spadaro
28 Nov.

Contact persons at Kristal Systems (sub. of Kistler), Buffalo area
Bob Redd or Dan Fuglewicz
Phone #: 716-691-5100
Fax # : 716-691-5226
>Just don't call them during a Bill's game.

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Bruce Knoth
28 Nov.

Information can be obtained on force plates from
Bruce Knoth
Software and System Manager
176 Waltham Street
Watertown, MA 02172 USA
Phone #: 617-926-6700
Fax # : 617-926-5045

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Special thanks to Mr. Robert W. Redd, Jr. (Biomechanics Product
Manager) of Kistler for the package of information which he sent
to me.

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Sorry for the delay in posting the summary.
Again, thanks.

Gillian Hudson-DuCasse
Graduate Student (MSc. in Rehab. Sci.)
School of Physical & Occupational Therapy
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec,