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unknown user
12-08-1988, 04:09 AM
In reply to postings from Mikko Lammi and Herman Woltring:

>>I wonder, whether there exists a nameserver in this list, so that subscribers
>>can search for other people subscribed to it.
>>Mikko Lammi
>If a majority on the list (once it has more than the currently limited number o
>only 32 known subscribers?) prefers to make this information public, I would be
>happy to modify the list's profile accordingly. Until now, I have confined my-
>self to mentioning the subscribers' countries, and the REVIEW BIOMCH-L command
>to LISTSERV@HEARN will not provide individual names and email addresses.

Personally, I have no objection against making the list of subscribers public.
If however one single subscriber wants to stay anonymous, the list should
stay as it is. If anyone has this opinion, I suggest that he/she send
direct e-mail to Herman Woltring.

>One point of interest for all of us might be that each subscriber post a sum-
>mary description of his (or his laboratory's) activities; this might result
>in new ideas and discussions. At present, most of us are "posting into the
>Regards -- Herman J. Woltring (BIOMCH-L list editor)

Excellent idea. This is much more useful than a list of addresses.
I will send my description soon.

-- Ton van den Bogert (wwdonic@heitue5.bitnet)
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands