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01-09-1995, 03:52 AM
dear Ian and Biomch-l ers,

Many years ago I ussed rms joint velocity as a measure of knee function
in patients after stroke. It was only a preliminary study (unpublished)
but looked promising. It will be interesting to see other comments.


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On Sun, 1 Jan 1995, Ian Thomas wrote:

> Happy New Year to all fellow Biomch-L users
> Does anyone use the RMS of joint angle velocity or joint angle
> acceleration as an index of "activity" - we have been asked this
> by the Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh. They are
> trying to index levels of quasi-random activity. This seems a
> reasonable basis as the velocity and acceleration terms could be
> the basis for deriving energy/work terms if the associated masses
> are known.
> Can anyone help us track down any possible users of this kind of analysis?
> Regards Ian Thomas