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01-09-1995, 05:38 PM
Dear Biomechanists,

The very final deadline (January 15) for abstract submission for the XVth
Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB XV) is approaching.
A good number of papers have been received already. The reviewing of the
two-page abstracts will start on January 16th. In order to reach us before the
final date you should express-mail your letters NOW. A notification for
authors about acceptance or rejection will be given before March 15th.

Summary of the most important highlights of the XVth ISB congress follows:

1. Invited highlights:
Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture:
David A. Winter (Waterloo, Canada)
"Total Body Kinetics: Our Window into the Synergies of
Human Movement"
Muybridge Lecture:
Savio L-Y. Woo (Pittsburgh, USA)
"Ligament Biomechanics - Historical Prospectives and
New Frontiers"
Presidential Address:
Ronald F. Zernicke (President of ISB)
"Functional Adaptation of Bone"

2. Invited keynote speakers
Roger Bartlett (Manchester, England)
"Current Issues in Biomechanics of Athletic Activities"
Roger Enoka (Cleveland, USA)
"Neural Adaptations with Chronic Physical Activity"
Tetsuo Fukunaga (Tokyo, Japan)
"Muscle Architecture and Muscle Function in Humans"
Stuart McGill (Waterloo, Canada)
"Biomechanics of Low Back Injury"
Guenter Rau (Aachen, Germany)
"Nonivasive Approach to Motor Unit Characterization:
Membrane Dynamics, Muscle Structure and Neural Control"

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