View Full Version : Venous Compliance

Michael Sanders
01-10-1995, 08:10 AM
A research group at the University of Victoria is
interested in the measurement of venous compliance
in space.

Previous techniques (used to determine venous compliance)
measured the volume change of the lower leg as pressure
was applied through cuffs on the leg. An instrument called
an ULP (Ultrasonic Limb Plethysmograph) has been designed by
NASA to measure leg volume based on two chord lengths
determined with ultrasonic transmitters.

I have two questions for Biomch-L,

1) Are there other researchers doing similar work
who might open communication with my group?

2) Can anyone think of a better way of measuring
leg volume in space? (any literature references?)

Thanks in advance for the help,

Mike Sanders
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Victoria
B.C. Canada
e-mail: msanders@ME.uvic.ca