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01-10-1995, 08:59 AM
Please distribute/copy to all potentially interested students! Thank you.

We seek qualified applicants for:

Research Assistantships in Equine Biomechanics
at the
University of Maryland at College Park
Equine Sports Biomechanics Laboratory
Animal Sciences Department

Starting September 1995 for competitive MS or PhD students. Stipend US$9,900
to $12,150 plus tuition remission. Additional competitive fellowship support
may be available, particularly for students of African descent.

Applicants should possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology,
Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Biology, Animal Sciences, or a related
field, with computer literacy. Strong interest in horse sports
desirable, but extensive horse background is not required. The University of
Maryland at College Park is located directly adjacent to Washington DC with
its wealth of scientific and cultural resources, on excellent public
transportation routes.

For application forms, contact: Chair, ADVP Graduate Program
c/o Ms. Anderson
Phone: 301/405-1373

For information on research activities, contact:
Nancy R. Deuel, PhD
Phone: 301/405-1385

Research programs:

Efforts in our laboratory concentrate on the motion patterns that distinguish
world-class equine athletes from their less successful counterparts.
High-speed videography and computerized image analysis is used to conduct
studies on the 3-dimensional motion characteristics occurring during actual
competitions in a wide variety of equine sporting performances.

Our work includes international collaborations conducting biomechanical
studies on the horses competing at several major events, including the 1988
Seoul Olympics, the 1990 Stockholm World Equestrian Games, and the 1992
Barcelona Olympics.

Our research efforts concentrate on the assessment and prediction of athletic
performance ability of national and international-caliber equine athletes
involved in the most economically important horse sports. These include
studies of Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds, during growth and development as
well as during their racing careers; and also competition in such diverse
sports as steeplechase, combined training, show jumping, endurance riding,
barrel racing, dressage, and reining.

It is anticipated that research on equine biomechanics will eventually lead
to improved procedures for selection of horses for training while immature,
prior to the time when major investments have been made in months or years
of maintenance and conditioning. It should also lead to more accurate
fitness assessment techniques; more precise diagnoses of poor performance
and lameness; improved methods of athletic rehabilitation, veterinary care,
and corrective horseshoeing; enhanced selection and training methods; and
thereby improved performance levels and health of equine athletes, and
improved profitability for horse owners.

Representative publications:

Deuel, N. R. and L. M. Lawrence. 1984. Computer-drawn gait diagrams. Journal of
Equine Veterinary Science 4(5)228-229.
Deuel, N. R. and L. M. Lawrence. 1987. Laterality in the gallop gait of
horses. Journal of Biomechanics 20(6)645-649.
Deuel, N. R. and L. M. Lawrence. 1987. Kinematics of the equine transverse
gallop. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 7(6)375-382.
Deuel, N. R. and J. Park. 1990. The gait patterns of Olympic dressage
horses. International Journal of Sports Biomechanics 6:198-226.
Deuel, N. R. and J. Park. 1991. Kinematic analysis of jumping sequences of
Olympic show jumping horses. Equine Exercise Physiology 2, N. E.
Robinson, ed., ICEEP Publications, Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann
Arbor, MI, p. 567-574.
Deuel, N. R. and J. Park. 1993. Gallop kinematics of Olympic 3-day event
horses. Acta Anatomica 146:168-174.
Nancy R. Deuel, PhD nd26@umail.umd.edu
* University of Maryland Equine Sports Biomechanics Laboratory *
* 1113 Animal Sciences Center Animal Sciences Department *
* University of Maryland Phone: 301/405-1385 *
* College Park, Maryland 20742 USA Fax: 301/314-9059 *