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Dr. Brian W. Bergemann
01-11-1995, 05:15 AM

Listed within this document are operating instructions for viewing and
downloading files from our FTP site at the United States Sports Academy.

Many of the files are .exe files which must be downloaded using the binary
mode of transmission. When executed on your computer they will expand.
There are also "readme" files that are associated with some of the other
files. Download all of the readme files and read them first before
executing the .exe files.

You can access the USSA FTP by contacting USSA-SPORT.USSA.EDU from your
FTP client software. The username is "anonymous" and the password is your
internet account address. A list of the files can be access by typing
"dir" and hitting enter. The file can be downloaded by typing


This will work for those .exe files that are in binary. The .txt files can
be transferred by using


The APAS_MAN.EXE and the CES-MAN1.EXE are explodable files which go from
around 500K to 750K to as much as 15Megs. The exploded files will be the
chapters of the Ariel Dynamics, Inc. manuals and can be printed, with the
graphics, through Microsoft Word for Windows. If you use other programs,
like Wordperfect, you will get garbage for the graphics.

Currently, all anonymous users have a 30 minute daily time limit for viewing
and downloading files. When finished, the command to exit our FTP site
is EXIT.

If you have any files that you would like to put on the gopher/FTP please
send an E-Mail message to


and inform us of where to access the file(s) and we will download them.
Upon reviewing the file(s) we will put on the FTP, and/or gopher.

This APAS User's group is for all APAS User's present and future. Share
with others that this exists, and contribute to the information on it.
Ask questions, give answers, announce conferences, job vacancies, etc.
Share the applications that you use the APAS/CES systems and how you use it.

Thank you for your support and spread the word.