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Martyn R. Shorten, Ph.d.
01-15-1995, 10:55 AM
International Society of Biomechanics


June 28-30, 1995
Deutsche Sporthochschule, Cologne, Germany

The second Symposium of the International Society of Biomechanics
Working Group on Functional Footwear will be held at the Deutsche
Sporthochschule, Cologne, Germany, from June 28-30, 1995. Only a
brief outline of the meeting plan is included here. More detailed
information is available on request.

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A cash prize of US $1000 and a certificate will be awarded to the
authors of the original paper which, in the view of the organising
committee, makes the most significant contribution to footwear
biomechanics research.
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The primary aim of the ISB Working Group is to provide a forum for
those interested in biomechanical aspects of clinical, athletic and
other kinds of functional footwear. The Symposium will build on the
successful format of the first Symposium, with extended seminar
presentations by invited speakers and opportunities for extended
discussion of important issues in footwear biomechanics. Approx-
imately half of the Symposium will be devoted to original papers.

The Symposium is intended to fit conveniently into the schedules
of those attending the ISB Congress in Jyvaskyla, Finland (July
2nd - 6th) Flight are available from Cologne, Duesseldorf or
Hamburg to Helsinki.


Original Research
Researchers are invited to submit papers on completed original
research. Short (half page) abstracts should be submitted before
March 15th, 1995. Authors of papers accepted for presentation
will be required to provide an extended, two-page abstract
for publication in the official Proceedings of the Symposium.
The deadline for submission of this extended abstract is June 28,

"Work in Progress"
A special session of the Symposium will be devoted to the
presentation and discussion of "Work in Progress". This section
may be of interest to researchers trying new experimental ideas,
those who wish to get feedback on preliminary results or pilot
studies and doctoral students embarking on thesis preparation.
Half page abstracts must be submitted before March 15th 1995.
Authors of accepted papers will not be required to submit a two
page abstract for publication. Papers submitted in this category
will not be eligible for consideration for the Adidas Prize.


Deadline for short abstract March 15th, 1995
Notification mailed to authors April 15th, 1995
Deadline for accommodation requests May 30th, 1955
Last date for cancellation refunds June 1, 1995
Deadline for two page abstract June 28th, 1995

Welcome Reception June 28th, evening
Scientific meetings June 29th -June 30th
Bierkeller Social Event June 30th, evening

Further information

For more detailed information on abstract format and submission,
registration forms, accommodation , etc., please send a brief
message to

Martyn R. Shorten, Ph.D.
Coordinator, ISB Working Group on Functional Footwear
EMAIL 73700.263@compuserve.com
TEL # (USA) 503 774 7855
FAX # (USA) 503 774 7868

N.B. Members of the ISB Working Group on Functional Footwear will
automatically receive detailed information in a mailing scheduled
for later this month.